Who should I vote for?

Many of you will have already decided where your vote is going on the 4th of July, and some will be out campaigning for a party.

Have you ever wondered if the party you support truly reflects your beliefs?

One of the main drivers behind the establishment of Talking Wales was to help people understand and make sense of the Wales they live in and make information about politics and current affairs accessible and relevant to all.

So, we’re excited to launch our General Election 2024 voting tool.

Developed by Jeremy Evans from Embeddables.com, this tool lets you know who you can vote for based on your postcode and which party aligns most closely with your political views and beliefs based on the published manifestos.

The party manifestos are being updated within the tool, so the tool is currently based on the 2019 manifestos; once all manifestos are published, it will be updated to 2024.

It’s worth taking the 2019 survey and noting the results. Have you shifted politically since 2019, or have the parties?

You can access the tool by visiting www.talking.wales and clicking the GE24 VOTING TOOL tab.

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