What makes a news service?

Its staff, specifically the journalists it employs.

What makes an effective news service? Giving time to journalists to research, investigate and publish their stories, to follow up and publish updates.

The general public would be surprised to learn how few journalists are employed by some outlets with many relying on press releases to bolster their output.

Quality, not quantity.

You may notice that some outlets publish a lot of content every day, some serious journalism and a lot of inconsequential pieces. Why?

The majority of digital news sites derive income from advertising, how much they earn is based on the number of page views they generate. The majority of stories published aren’t read in big numbers, editors are seeking that breakout story every day, one that will drive tens or hundreds of thousands of page views.

This is why many publishers incentivise journalists with bonuses linked to monthly page view targets. It’s not about the quality of a story or its impact its all about the number of page views it generates.

Publishing a substantial number of stories every day creates a cumulative number of page views, and increases the odds of publishing the piece that generates the big numbers, enough to satisfy advertisers and generate revenues for owners and shareholders.

It shouldn’t be like this. We won’t be driven by page views.

We will focus on the stories of the day that matter, the stories that impact the day-to-day lives of Welsh citizens. We will ask questions of government at national and local levels and most importantly demand answers, and if answers aren’t forthcoming use all the tools at our disposal to ensure the public is kept fully informed. We won’t be a platform for publishing press releases.

We will be creating a space where policy ideas can be discussed and commission pieces from experts in their fields.

We will focus on the key devolved responsibilities, Health, Education and of course the Economy.

How will it be funded?

Initially through investment via a share issue. You will be able to own a stake in the company. As Community Benefit Society shares don’t increase in value but they will attract interest.

In the long-term subscriptions will fund our work, your monthly subscriptions will not only give you access to exclusive content, they will also allow us to employ journalists. The more who subscribe the more we will employ.

Any profits generated will be reinvested into the service, that’s not just a promise it’s a requirement for Community Benefit Societies.

We’re building a company for the long term and you can be part of it.

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Huw Marshall

Founder Talking Wales

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