What is Talking Wales? And how is it different?

Talking Wales is a new national news service for Wales, focussing on public interest journalism at national, local, and hyperlocal levels.

Its aim is to ensure Welsh citizens are kept well informed regarding the matters and issues that impact their daily lives.

Delivering “real” news in readily accessible formats across the range of platforms where audiences reside. Offering a genuinely fact-based service which will counter the often politically biased narratives published and shared by the UK press and media which continue to dominate in Wales.

We are creating a new space for public interest news on the radio, providing an all-Wales alternative to the news outputs of BBC Radio 4, LBC, Times Radio and co. And delivering a service in Wales that focuses, in-depth, on Welsh politics and current affairs, something that is, sadly, currently lacking from broadcasters in Wales.   

We won’t use social media as platforms to drive traffic to our website, we will use them as they were intended to be used, as platforms for sharing content. Sharing our stories in those spaces making the best use of video and audio, ensuring the public in Wales understands easily what’s happening in Wales today.

We will follow stories as they develop through the day, adding greater context and depth and providing updates as they arise.

Our focus will be on quality, not quantity. Existing news providers generate as much content as possible every day to drive the highest number of page views possible. They are driven by a commercial need to satisfy advertisers, we won’t.

As audiences for news fragments, by age and platform we will give each platform the attention they deserve, and in doing so serve and reach the widest possible audience.

We will arrange in-person events where you can hear from and challenge those in the Welsh public sphere.

We will be funded primarily by you, through subscription and the purchasing of shares in the company.

We will only become successful by providing a service Welsh citizens and the wider Welsh diaspora value, a service that has an impact and helps improve democracy in Wales.

If you share our vision, please sign up for our newsletter and consider donating to help us with our ongoing costs.


Huw Marshall

Founder Talking Wales.

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