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Talking Wales – a public interest news service for Wales.

Public interest news is, at its core, news that serves the public good. It focuses on providing information that:

  • Empowers citizens.
  • Holds power accountable.
  • Facilitates informed democracy.
  • Prioritizes truth and accuracy.

Think of it as news that equips people to be active and engaged citizens in a healthy democracy. It’s not just about reporting facts, but about providing context, analysis, and a platform for diverse voices to be heard.

That’s what we’ll be delivering at Talking.Wales. A service that:

  • Focuses on issues of broad public concern: not just sensational stories or personal scandals.
  • Conducts investigative journalism: uncovering hidden truths and holding power to account.
  • Is independent and accountable: not beholden to special interests or political agendas.
  • Promotes accessibility and inclusivity: reaching diverse audiences and giving voice to the marginalized.
  • Will be committed to fact-checking and verification: upholding reliable and accurate information.

Public interest news is vital for a healthy democracy. By supporting independent journalists that uphold these principles you can help keep our communities in Wales informed and engaged.


Wales’ first talk radio station: Leading the news agenda in Wales, keeping you updated with what’s happening throughout the day, with a range of voices helping to make sense of the issues of the day, and giving the people of Wales a space to share their views and concerns. It will also be a home for a range of podcasts covering different topics from a Welsh perspective.

YouTube channel: A home for discussions about Wales and for you to tell the stories of your communities.

A dedicated Welsh news website updated regularly throughout the day with regular features and opinion pieces.

Social Media: Sharing our content in relevant, accessible, formats across a range of platforms. If you get your news from social media, you’ll get the story in its entirety without the need to click through to a website.

Regular newsletters on a range of topics, from a daily digest to specialisms such as education, health, and the environment.

Events, in person, online and hybrid. We’ll be starting a national conversation and taking that conversation around Wales where you can hear from and challenge decision-makers and influencers.


Ultimately, a vibrant, diverse, and accessible public interest news service for Wales, utilizing a multi-platform approach, can strengthen the foundations of Welsh democracy by empowering citizens, holding power to account, and celebrating the unique voice of Wales.

Countering the decline of traditional media: Wales has faced a steady decline in local and regional news outlets, leading to “news deserts” where information is scarce. This creates a democratic deficit, as citizens lack the vital information needed to hold their representatives accountable and engage meaningfully in civic life. A public interest news service can fill these gaps, ensuring diverse and accessible coverage of issues relevant to Welsh communities.

Reaching a wider audience: Traditional media often struggles to reach younger generations and diverse communities. Using a multi-platform approach can attract these audiences through formats they prefer, like podcasts and social media. This fosters democratic participation by ensuring everyone has access to accurate and reliable information, regardless of their background or media preferences.

Holding power to account: A dedicated public interest news service can play a crucial role in investigative journalism, scrutinizing the actions of government, businesses, and other powerful actors. This holds them accountable to the public and strengthens democratic principles. Independent journalism, free from commercial pressures, can expose injustices and spark necessary conversations about critical issues.

Promoting Welsh identity and language: Wales has a rich cultural heritage and unique social challenges. A dedicated news service can give these issues due attention, fostering a stronger sense of national identity and celebrating Welsh culture. Additionally, incorporating Welsh language options in podcasts, newsletters, and social media can promote its vitality and accessibility.

Encouraging active citizenship: By providing in-depth analysis, diverse viewpoints, and opportunities for public engagement, such as live calls-in or online forums, a public interest news service can empower citizens to participate actively in democratic processes. This fosters a more informed and engaged citizenry, which is essential for a healthy democracy.

Owned and funded by you, we’ll be answerable to you.

Huw Marshall

Founder Talking Wales

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