The changing nature of radio

This week saw the latest publication of RAJAR’s radio listening statistics. Published every quarter they give an insight into the listening habits of people in the UK.

It made interesting reading for Talking Wales as the increased trend towards digital listening fits in with our vision to develop a news media service fit for the 2020s and beyond.

31% of adults, 15+, now claim to have listened to live radio at least once per month, add podcasts into the mix and it is clear people are accessing radio beyond the traditional MW/FM and DAB.

The figure amongst younger audiences is higher, as you would expect, and that’s very important to us as we aim to reach a younger demographic that’s politically engaged and wants to know what’s happening in Wales today.

News services in Wales tend to be reactive, with much reporting based on press releases, reports, and policy announcements.

We want to develop a service that leads the news agenda in Wales, discussing the topics and issues of the day, looking at what lies behind the reports, and following up on previous policy announcements.

How many policy announcements have you heard from both the Welsh and Westminster governments over the years? How many of those policies have you learned about their implementation and impact six, twelve, and thirty-six months down the line?

This current lack of scrutiny harms democracy, we want to create a platform that shares news, investigations, and opinions about the issues that matter in Wales and to Wales.

We hope you agree.

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