Talking Wales – Mission Statement

At Talking Wales, our mission is to provide the people of Wales with accurate, unbiased, news and information that reflects the diverse voices and communities of our nation. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity, fostering informed public discourse, and promoting transparency and accountability in all spheres of society.

Our goals are to:

Inform and Educate: Deliver impartial analysis on issues that matter most to the people of Wales, from local developments to global events that impact our communities.

Engage and Empower: Create a platform for civic engagement, encouraging public participation and dialogue to strengthen our democratic processes and community bonds.

Advocate for Transparency: Hold public and private institutions accountable by investigating and reporting on matters of public interest with rigor and fairness.

Represent Diversity: Highlight stories from all corners of Wales, ensuring that the perspectives of all communities, including underrepresented and marginalized groups, are heard and valued.

Promote Welsh Culture: Celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Wales, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our history, language, and traditions.

We believe in the power of informed citizens to drive positive change, and we strive to be the trusted source of news that the people of Wales can rely on every day.

Talking Wales

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