Talking Wales will be owned and managed, researched, written, designed, developed, promoted and distributed by people who share a common goal to strengthen civil society and help people participate more effectively in national and local democracy.

Talking Wales will be editorially and financially independent, which means we will be able to produce and publish our content without political or commercial bias.

We will never publish clickbait or party-political broadcasts and we won’t have a profit-driven commercial agenda or a business model that invades people’s privacy or facilitates the spread of fake news.

We will instead deliver the news of the day from Wales. In-depth articles and investigative journalism with real relevance and impact while informing and empowering the communities, both physical and virtual, we serve.

This means we’ll keep people who live or work in Wales, and the wider Welsh diaspora, informed of what’s being done in their name, by whom, with the assets they own and the taxes they pay.

We will seek to increase public understanding of complex national and local issues and decision-making processes, make pertinent information more widely accessible and stimulate more inclusive and better-informed debate.

Many of our stories will be focussed on national and local democracy, the environment and climate change, spatial development, and mobility and we will also cover the economy on both a national and local level along with Welsh sport and the cultural life of Wales.

We will aim to amplify local voices, support dialogue within the numerous communities of Wales, be they physical or virtual, and inspire action for change.

Talking Wales will observe industry best-practice principles and will be fully accountable:

As a Community Benefit Society, we will have to pass a community benefit test and submit an annual report to the Financial Conduct Authority

We will register as an IMPRESS member and adhere to their Code of Standards and have a robust complaints procedure with access to an independent arbitration service.

As a Cwmpas and Co-operatives UK member, we recognise the co-operative values and principles defined by the international Statement on the Co-operative Identity.

Talking Wales will distribute and publish independent public interest journalism which holds wealth, power and the influence of individuals and institutions to account by investigating their actions and challenging them in the public sphere.