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People’s expectations of news providers today have moved on in recent times.

As newspaper sales continue to decline the shift to digital has accelerated.

Newspaper Circulation 2000 – 2022

Digital news sites remain popular. However, audiences, particularly younger ones, are seeking out news on digital platforms beyond the traditional website.

TikTok and Instagram allow news publishers to share content in video form and it is this shift to video that is central to our plans.

Twitter and Facebook are used, primarily, as pointers towards articles on websites, this is due in part to the business models of some news publishers who rely on pageviews on their websites for revenues.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are all publishing platforms in their own right, and whilst the Talking Wales website will be central to our publishing activities, we’ll be doing things differently from the current norm and utilizing all publishing platforms in a way audiences will appreciate.

We don’t want to tease you and send you to our website, we’re not about page views. What’s important is that we reach as many people as possible, sharing news content that people value.

We want to engage with audiences giving them access to the latest news and views from Wales and further afield in quick, simple, and accessible formats.

We know from previous experience that real news, and discussions around politics and current affairs, have limited audiences online, this is something we clearly want to address, but our focus will be on quality, bringing objective and honest reporting that our subscribers will value.

A subscription won’t just give you access to all of our content, including some which will be available exclusively to subscribers, it will enable us to provide a dynamic service that will allow Welsh citizens to be better informed when it comes to the issues that impact their day to day lives.

A subscription will be an investment in our service, allowing us to employ the required team of journalists and digital creatives in order to deliver content online and on smart speakers and TV’s and mobile devices.

As a Community Benefit Society, we will be required, by law, to reinvest any profits in improving services for the communities we serve. The more who subscribe to our services or invest in the company, the more we can do.

We can create the news and media service Wales needs and deserves.

We’re currently working with Cwmpas Cymru as we draft the company rules, these are required in order for us to be able to incorporate Talking Wales as a Community Benefit Society, we hope to have this concluded before the end of the month.

We will then be in a position to start raising the funding required in order to launch in 2023.

If you would like to support the work we are currently undertaking you can do so by following the Patreon link below.



Huw Marshall, Project Lead.

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