Talking about the General Election in Wales

With a General Election called for the 4th of July Talking Wales is launching a pilot service to cover the election from a Welsh perspective.

We’ll be looking at the facts that lie behind the issues that will influence how people vote on election day.

How decisions in Westminster impact Wales directly.

What are the challenges facing the NHS and education in Wales? Is it money? People? Policy? Is immigration impacting services and the economy?

We’ll look at and discuss the 32 Welsh constituencies being contested, what are the local and national issues that will affect the vote in each?

We’ll here from the parties contesting the elections in Wales and challenging their manifestos.

And we want you to be part of the conversation.

On radio, online and social media, we’ll be bringing you a different take on current affairs in Wales.

 Join us between 11am and 12pm on Sunday the 2nd of May for our launch.

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