Since September we have been working with Cwmpas Wales, formerly the Wales Co-operative centre in order to create the best cooperative structure for the company.  There are a number of cooperative company structures available to us, we want to choose the one that allows you to take a stake in the company through a shareholding. We also want to ensure we have the best mechanism for reinvesting in improved services and projects which benefit local communities. That’s why we’re currently in the process of incorporating it as a Community Benefit Society.

We are on course to be incorporated by the end of March early April 2023 and be in a position to start issuing shares soon after. Should everything go to plan we will target the start of 2024 for our launch.

We will shortly start to produce some demo content, examples of the content we will be publishing daily post-launch. You can support us with our day-to-day running costs by making a donation by clicking the link below.