Countering extremes

A JL Partners poll of 16-17-year-olds suggests that almost one in four would vote for Reform UK. Reform is standing candidates in most seats at the General election, including its recently announced leader, Nigel Farage, who is standing for election to Westminster for the ninth time.

Who should I vote for?

Many of you will have already decided where your vote is going on the 4th of July, and some will be out campaigning for a party. Have you ever wondered …

What? How? Why?

Ultimately, a vibrant, diverse, and accessible public interest news service for Wales, utilizing a multi-platform approach, can strengthen the foundations of Welsh democracy by empowering citizens, holding power to account, and celebrating the unique voice of Wales.

A new year a new vision

With the Welsh Labour Government choosing a new First Minister to replace Mark Drakeford soon and with a general election happening at a UK level later this year and the next Senedd elections taking place in just two years, on Thursday the 7th of May 2026, the need for our service has never been greater.

A new approach to news in Wales

At Talking Wales we’re taking a new approach to delivering news. We understand the needs of audiences for Welsh news, here at home and further afield. We know people want to access news on different platforms in relevant formats, there is no longer one size that fits all.