A quick update on why things have been quiet since the new year

I started feeling unwell on Boxing Day, I put it down to overdoing it on the turkey sandwiches on Christmas Day. The pain in my abdomen subsided then came back again on Thursday, again it went overnight and returned with a vengeance on Monday the 3rd of January.

This time it didn’t subside, the pain and discomfort continued into Tuesday
morning so much so that I was poised with phone in hand from 8 am waiting for the GP surgery phone line to open at 8:30. I managed to book an appointment for 9:10 and was seen by the GP at 9:30.

Something was clearly wrong, the GP rang the hospital and within five minutes I was on my way to the Surgical Unit at the Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend. A scan confirmed an obstruction in the bowel due to it protruding through a hole in the abdominal wall.

The surgeon who had carried out my previous hernia operation, a repair of the only elective hernia surgery I’d had which had become badly infected, saw me. He didn’t want to operate but he also didn’t want to leave me as I was. He took the decision to operate.

Two weeks post-op and I saw my surgeon yesterday who told me the operation had gone better than expected and that he’d managed to close the hernia fully and with luck, further surgery won’t be necessary.

It was a big operation, and it’s really taken it out of me. With feeling unwell straight after Christmas and the two weeks following surgery, I’ve been unable to work fully for three weeks now and it’ll be another few weeks before I’m back up to speed.

I’ve had to cancel the work I had arranged, which in turn is having a massive impact on my financial situation. I’m now focussing my energies on the www.talking.wales project, which I’m being supported with by Cwmpas Wales. Hopefully, we will be incorporated as a Community Benefit society soon and we can move on to the initial community share issue in order to raise the capital required to launch.

So in the meantime, I’m reaching out to you for support, if you can help me in the short term, and help us get a new serious news platform for Wales up and running, I’ll be eternally in your debt.

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