A new news service for Wales in 2024

How news is delivered and consumed has changed tremendously over the last decade. The rise of social media and digital connectivity means the news is literally within our grasp 24/7.

We’re accessing news from several different sources throughout the day and receiving different kinds of services from a range of providers across several platforms.

That’s why, in 2024, we’re launching Talking Wales a new kind of public interest news service for Wales.

  • A national speech-based radio station.
  • Daily email newsletters.
  • News shared in full on social media platforms.
  • A regularly updated website featuring news, comment and culture.
  • In-person, online and hybrid events.

It won’t just be a new type of news service, it will also have a new model of ownership.

Talking Wales is a community benefit society, a cooperative company owned by its members. Every penny of profit will be reinvested for the benefit of the community is serves. Providing better coverage of politics at both national and local levels, filling news deserts, and launching new services in communities across Wales.

We’ll be launching our share offer in the new year, allowing you to own a stake in Talking Wales and allowing us to provide the quality public interest news service Wales so desperately needs.

Huw Marshall

Project lead

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