Re-imagining the news media landscape of Wales

talking wales - a new news and media company for wales

How we access and consume news is changing. We need to develop news services in Wales that allow audiences to access objective, fact-based news in formats that are easy to consume and comprehend on the platforms where they currently access it.

That’s exactly the intention of Talking Wales. We’re not just creating another news website; we’re building a news service that will discuss the issues that matter to people in Wales and hold our legislators accountable.

We’re developing an audio platform where the issues of the day can be aired and discussed, we want to lead the news agenda in Wales not respond to one set by Fleet Street.

We’ll be sharing news and current affairs across a number of platforms, in the formats people expect to see on those platforms.

Do you take your news from a short thread or video shared on social media? That’s good with us. We won’t be driven by page views on a website, we want to engage with as many Welsh citizens as possible. And if, as a result, the UK media starts paying more attention to what’s happening in Wales then we’ll all benefit.

We’re also developing a new ownership model. We’re incorporating as a Community Benefit Society which is a form of cooperative that will allow you and those who work for the service to own a stake in the business and have a say in its running. All profits created by Community Benefit Societies are reinvested for the benefit of the community it serves. The more people who support us, subscribe to our services, and advertise with us will be helping to improve news provision across Wales.

Does this sound of interest to you? You can support us as we prepare to launch our first share issue by clicking the donate button below.

With your support and backing, we can make a difference.


Huw Marshall


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