Re-imagining the news media landscape of Wales

talking wales - a new news and media company for wales

Wales has suffered from a historical lack of national news services. The majority of the news we consume in Wales originates over the border.

The Daily Mail and The Sun are the two most widely read newspapers in Wales and BBC Radio 2 the most popular radio station.
The pandemic has raised awareness around devolved matters, particularly health. But there is clearly a lack of scrutiny, discussion and debate when it comes to Welsh affairs at the Senedd and Westminster.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Talking Wales will be a national news and media service for Wales. Reporting the news and discussing the issues that matter and impact the daily lives of Welsh citizens.

We won’t be driven by page views, our focus will be on delivering an objective quality service based in fact in accessible formats across a range of platforms, mobile, online, social media, radio and TV.

We’re setting up as a Community Benefit Society, this means that you, the employees of the company and institutions can own a stake in the business and that every penny of profit will be reinvested into providing services that benefit the community we serve, the citizens of Wales.

We’ll soon be launching our Pioneer Share issue. If you’d like to be kept informed and receive an investment prospectus when it becomes available drop us a line via email or contact form at the bottom of the page.

You can also support Huw, in what is now a full-time effort, by visiting our donation page here.


Huw Marshall
Project lead

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